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Hello! My name is Lauren and I’m the director of my own agency – FAD3.

I’m focused on delivering services that help you to nail your branding like no other. Merging a game-changing approach and an alternative ethos to that of my competitors, I bring my clients the highest quality of branding and CV/Recruitment advice. You won’t find any old and tired techniques here – only a fresh and dynamic approach to marketing solutions so that you can find your identity and own it.

Over the years, I’ve become a master of my craft, specialising in conceptualising and developing visual solutions for a range of digital and offline projects. From bespoke and customized websites to traditional printed materials and everything in between, I’ve worked on it all and created award-winning solutions. I left traditional employment so I could truly make my own mark on the industry, implementing all the skills and real-world experience I learn’t.

Beyond having an eye for creating impressive branding, I also develop content that will communicate everything your brand is about, whilst informing and persuading your target audience to take action. Getting results, creatively!

I’ve got over ten years of experience within creative media agencies under my belt – it’s safe to say I know my stuff. When you pair that with an abundance of freelance projects across my expansive portfolio, you can rest assured that I’m more than qualified to deliver your project – uniquely and to the

Whether you require branding, logo design, advertisements, printed media designs, website design or a complete branding overhaul, I’ve got the skills to bring your visions to life.

When you work with me, you’re not going to get generic content that’s churned out with barely any thought.

Instead, from start to finish, you’ll get a personalised experience and product, ensuring the end result is like no other and stands out for all the right reasons.

A highly experienced senior creative with 10 year in-the-field experience of delivering market leading solutions outside the box.


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