How it works


Post a project

Use our quick and easy form to describe the project you’ve got in mind. The more detail you can give, the more relevant freelancers you’ll attract.

  • How to Post a Job?
    1. Click the “Post a Job” link from the menu bar on your Dashboard
    2. Provide the requested information.
    3. Click the “Post My Job” button.
  • Does posting a job cost anything?

    No, posting a job is free. However, you can feature a job to give it more prominence. Beyond that, the only cost is paying the Freelancer you hire.

  • Your Job Description

    You can add as much detail to your job posting as you like, but it should include the following:

    • An outline of the desired task or service.
    • A general description of the business requirements of the job.
    • A timeline detailing expected start and completion dates.

Discover incredible freelancers

After you post your job, the system will automatically match Freelancers to your job and invite them to submit a proposal. 

Search our freelancer listings for rated and reviewed experts in every skill imaginable — One discovery could change your business forever.

Refine your search by skill, location or hourly rate. Contact freelancers and request a proposal for your project.


Review proposals

You will start to receive proposals within a few minutes of your job being posted. Most jobs are published immediately.

The project stream collates all your received proposals in a single place for you to compare and review. Accept the proposal that best suits your project and begin collaborating instantly by paying a deposit.

WorkSton protects your money (in escrow) until you tell us you’re satisfied and ready to release funds.



Project streams bring together everything needed to produce great work: messages, attachments, feedback, payment and a lot more — all in one place. Receive real-time notifications, track freelancer progress and revisit your chat history. Managing a freelancer has never been easier.


Pay freelancers

At the end of a project and only once you’re totally happy with the work done, pay freelancers with ease straight from your project stream. Click pay and funds are released to your freelancer. Top-up your WorkSton account and make future payments even easier.


Rate your freelancer

Focus on Your Work & Team

We take the quality of our freelancers very seriously. That’s why leaving your feedback after a project is so important to us. Reward your freelancer for their hard work — give them a rating out of five, write an in-depth review and share your experience with future clients. Your feedback makes a huge difference to the community.



Build a great profile

Make yourself stand out

Your profile is your most valuable resource. Clients browse your profile when deciding who to work with on a project, so it’s essential that you present yourself in the best way possible. Personalise your profile by sharing your career experience, define your skills and tell your own story. Show examples of your work in your portfolio, be descriptive and keep your profile up-to-date.


Find the perfect projects

Search and saved-searches

As a freelancer on WorkSton, our artificial intelligence system matches you to the most suitable projects based on your profile and abilities. You can search for projects manually or save automatic searches to notify you of new projects. Find projects that match your skill and ability then submit a compelling proposal to win the project. Send 15 proposals per month for free, if you want to quote on more projects you can buy additional credit.


Offer your best skills

Create bespoke packages

We know that every freelancer on WorkSton is different, so we created offers. Don’t be defined by a skill or category — express your own skills with self-tailored offers. Sell your custom services in bitesize offers and start building lasting relationships with clients.

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