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Logo design for Website

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  • //www.workston.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/260-united-kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom

Project detail

The need is to design and create in partnership, with ourselves, a website for an IT services company based in the south east of England.

We intend on working in partnership to create the content of the website and also to create design principles.

The colour theme, based off of the logo, is as follows:
Colour hex code

Dark Blue #1E4987
Light Blue #57BAD0
Green #386A36

If this is something you feel you can help with, please get in touch and we can discuss next steps.

Planned structure would be as follows:
– Kick off call, to discuss brief in more detail
– Design mock up, to be signed off
– Full Website build
– Feedback cycle logo

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