Microsoft Exchange Consultant/Office 365/Email Migration expert/IT Technical Support

Ex-Microsoft Consultant, worked for Microsoft UK for 10 years in a Technical Support, Training and Consultancy capacity with Microsoft Exchange as a speciality.

Recent work involves assisting companies move from various platforms such as Google G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange OnPremise to Office 365.

Have contracted for KPMG, Ministry of Defence, Atkins, British Airports Authority (BAA/Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd) to help design, implement and troubleshoot messaging infrastructures based on Microsoft Messaging technologies.

Most recently I have worked as a CTO for a small startup organisation (www.inetguardian.co.uk) which involved

Creating support policies, framework and procedures.
Creating testing framework
Project managing the development of the service
Answering support queries and questions
Delivering online safety presentations.

Prior to that I have worked as a technical consultant to KPMG in the role of Messaging Product Manager and also Messaging Project Technical Lead where I undertook to design and implement the Exchange 2010 environment for 21,000 end users at KPMG.
The roles areas of responsibility were:
• Authoring the design of Exchange 2010 for KPMG.
• Migration of journaled data from EmailXtender (email archive) to Exchange 2010 native journaling.
• Interoperability with existing systems such as Ironport, Rightfax, Postini.
• Reviewing the support and operations of Exchange 2003 and aligning these with Exchange 2010.
• Authoring the Proof of Concept
• Transition of users from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.
• European Technical Lead – assisting other KPMG member firms with their deployment of Exchange 2010.

I have worked with various size organisations and I specialise in the Design, Implementation, Migration and Troubleshooting of messaging environments based on Microsoft messaging.
I ensure the system that is designed meets requirements as I conduct a review of the current environment, looking at the business and technological goals so that we can design a system that will get your business from where it is, to where you want it to be.
I can review the current technical documentation to ensure its up to date and create any documentation that is missing.
Core skilss include
• Design of innovative solutions
• Design and architecture of Messaging environments
• Creating and documenting test plans and support policies and procedures.
• High level Project management of development team
• Implementation of Microsoft based messaging environments
• Deep Exchange and messaging knowledge
• Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues
• Optimisation of current environments
• Business operational management
• Technical coaching and mentoring
• Writing and delivery of technical training courses

I can also assist with general IT issues


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