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High End Beauty and Fashion retouching, Photo editor, Product retouching, Images editing, Image restoration

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For the last 7 years I have been solely working as a photo retoucher in the industry of fashion, beauty, product retouching and photo restoration. Having said that my daily routine include image clipping mask creation, image cut out and background replacement, change of texture, creative image reconstruction, color conversion etc.

My work has been both published in digital as well as in print formats. I offer unique set of skills and knowledge accumulated through the years work, numerous projects that includes remotely as well location based, working closely with art directors and a team of other industry creatives. Although I am Swedish by default I have perfected quite fluent English and able to speak Danish too.

My primerly work tool is Photoshop although I occasionally use Capture 12 and Lightroom. But as they say it’s not what you use but how you use 🙂 So technically speaking I am technically literal and efficient. My experience allows me to be very fast and efficient in many of tasks so best use of time is assured. Although communication of this platform is expected and desired I am more than happy to have a phone or video call in regards of the project.

Allow me please to quickly walk you through the scope of work I do in a more condensed manner :

Artistic photo restoration
Realistic photo manipulation
Manipulating multiple images into one
Fashion retouching
Beauty retouching
Product retouching
Product reflection creating
Shadow creating for product campaigns
Background change
Artistic background change
Photo montage
Editorial retouching
Color conversion
Clipping masks
Image cut out
creative image reconstruction
Background removal
…and more

I hope that wasn’t too boring but rather informative.



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