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Facebook Cert, Google Partner, Award Winning Digital Marketing

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I have over 15 years Marketing experience, and have gained a Facebook Professional Certification, Google Partner Status and Google Ads and Analytics Certifications including the Google Digital Garage Diploma. I have managed Google & Facebook PPC campaigns for hundreds of businesses, I’ve also managed DMA award-winning campaigns and worked with some of the biggest brands in UK.

But more importantly, I care about every business I work with and treat it like it’s my own. I am all about charging fair prices so it’s affordable for every business to get the results you’d achieve with a pricey marketing agency.

It’s one thing having a virtual trophy cabinet of marketing qualifications, it’s another to look after someone else’s business like it’s your own, thinking of the little details, going above and beyond to get the best results – that’s what I have done for thousands of businesses I’ve worked with, and I’m focused on doing this for you at an affordable price.

My services in a nutshell – read full details on each below:
– Facebook & Instagram Ad Management – getting cost per click as low as 2 cents for businesses large & small
– Mobile Optimised Landing Pages
– Google Ads – Certified account setup and management, including search, shopping, display and video
– Google Analytics – Certified setup and analysis included FREE in my packages
– Content writing – from blogs to business plans, I️ can help you out

I know how to get the best results from Facebook & Instagram. I have worked with hundreds of clients specifically on Facebook ad strategy, to create Facebook marketing campaigns with cost per click as low as 2 cents. Facebook is a science, and I have studied hard and built up years of experience to be the best at it. I qualified as a Facebook Certified Planning Professional (not many people have as it requires a video monitored assessment by Facebook, so watch out for this when you’re shopping around!). I’m up to speed on the constantly changing features of the platform to ensure you’re using them first.

One of the secrets to Facebook ad success is having a strong retargeting programme. People need to see something multiple times before they commit, which is why my retargeting strategy sees up to 3x the enquiry rate of an initial campaign. Another key area is the ad landing page – I create a fully mobile optimised landing page for your campaigns, which is focused on getting enquiries to you. With over 95% of the majority of my campaigns getting clicks from mobile devices, having a mobile optimised landing page has never been more important. You can find some examples in my portfolio.

Another weapon in my Facebook ammo is video content. Video gets up to 8 x higher engagement than any other ad form on Facebook. By 2020, over 84% of website traffic is predicted to be from video ads! It’s the future and it’s the present – I can get a professional video shot for your business at an unbeatable price. As an example, I created a video ad for Ireland’s top restaurant Chameleon which reduced cost per clicks from 80 cents to just 2 cents, with thousands of video views and the owner telling me he got a ‘flurry of calls to book’ within hours of going live (we’d not even spent 2 euro on ads at that point!)

My work has been seen in the form of magazine features, emails, blogs and web copy by millions of readers each week. I love to write (you’ve probably noticed!), and have a passion for creating engaging content whether you’re trying to sell holidays or hatstands – I can find an angle for you.

One thing that I see very often is campaigns that have been created by top marketing agencies that look good containing all the flashy features, but there’s no common sense applied to the ads themselves. I get to know your business, making sure those ads explain exactly what you offer. My copywriting skills make them catchy and engaging. I actually doubled click through rate overnight for one client, just by changing the copy on an ad! I use advanced features including Callout & Structured Snippet Extensions, Price Extensions where relevant, Remarketing techniques, Ad Rotation, YouTube placements testing and more – contact me for details.

I am also Google Analytics Certified, and will be pushing to get this set up professionally at no extra charge with my package, as it’s so important for you to see this detail about your website and customer behaviour. Once I’ve set up goals on your account, I’ll be able to show you the mix of channels people use to find your business. I find for many clients, Facebook raises that initial brand awareness and first click, then those same customers come back up to 90 days later via Google search – this information is so important to know how to split your budget. If you pay directory sites, I can also tell you how much of you traffic comes from them too.

I️ am a self-professed geek who loves to edit videos with Camtasia, create captivating ads with Photoshop, and I’m a regular user of tools such as Canva and Crello too.

I love helping businesses and get a buzz from seeing the improvements in their enquiries and sales from my work. From small salons to multi-national companies, I look at that company as if it was my own, spending your budget in the best way I can. I am always there to help with any questions and I charge fair prices – after all, why should small businesses lose out because they can’t afford to work with the best?

Get in touch now to see what I can do for you!


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