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Digital Design & Graphics Design / Website Designer, Website Developer

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I am a senior designer and developer (graphics & digital designer, frontend developer, ). In about 10 years (plus), I have functioned in different roles indicated previously and I make deliberated and determined progress year in, year out That has been responsible for my broad skills and expertise in these field. Because they are all related and strongly dependent on each other, I build my skills always to be a master of each category. This has made my works easier, more professional, faster and of high quality always.

My strengths and skills: Adobe Photshop, Illustrator, Indesign, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, VennGage, PowerPoint, XD, (to mention some). I exhibit excellent communication, ability to deliver high quality jobs fast, proficiency in English Lang, a very fast learner, very creative, an expert in content design and very passionate about digital technology.

I currently have a 5 star overall feedback – ratings from buyers as an evidence of the qualities listed above.

My services include:
– Graphics design
– Digital Design
– Web design and development
– Products design (2D, 3D, etc)
– Branding design (Brand identity – Logos, brochures, whitepapers, banners, etc)
– Content development, management and social media management

I have completed different projects for companies in Europe, Canada, US, Africa and Asia; they range from oil companies to engineering firms, movie production companies, automobile firms, media and publishing companies, telecommunications companies, churches, schools, fashion companies etc.
I have worked on projects for brands like SalesGuys, Sky Packets Inc, iGY, AxisEpistle, TheThreeTinters, CityOneContractors, Green Pictures, etc (to name a few).

I have a university degree with several certifications; I am very friendly, easy to get along with, deliver the best required all the time and very passionate about excellent jobs.


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