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I need website images/graphics and illustrations created

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Project detail

Hi all,

I’m creating my own website where I need some custom graphics, the website is based around serving customers with their website traffic data, primarily Google Analytics.

This will be a modern looking website and I’ve got an idea of what I want so we won’t be working in the dark, I just don’t have the skills with photo editing software to give it a good attempt!

I’ve attached some pictures below of the sort of images I’m after, modern twist with a data theme about them.

Once we get going, even though I’ve got an idea of what I’m after it would be great if an experienced graphic designer could throw some ideas my way and we could get designing.

If you think this is your type of work then please get in touch, it would be great if you can provide designs on existing jobs to show me so I know we’re on the same wavelength.

I’ve got an idea on the price but once we get talking, share ideas and see how many I’ll need we can go from there. The website will need multiple images so once we start working together and it’s a good fit we can carry on doing work.


A couple of websites where I’m getting my design ideas from are the following to give you an idea of what I’m after;

*PLEASE NOTE* I DON’T need moving animated illustrations or graphics, this won’t be a PHP website so the images will be static, so when viewing the websites listed below the design of the images is what I’m after, not the moving functionality of them.


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