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New Version of Company Logo

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Project detail

Dear Designers of WS,

We are a company called Space Inventor that designs and builds complete smallsats as well as individual satellite modules or systems.

We are currently undergoing a re-branding phase and are looking for a skilled logo designer to make a new version of our current logo (see document 1).

To clarify our current logo, what you are looking at is a cat (a Maine Coon to be more specific) and it is of great value to our company since it is a pretty unique logo in the space industry.

The task:

We would like a new version of our current logo, meaning that the new version should be similar (in expression and form) to the old one and with some adjustments:

1) In the current logo the cat is viewed from the side and we would like a version where the cat is viewed from the front, so one of the tasks is to figure out what the logo would look like if we change the angle of viewing to the front (see document 2 for example – it’s only the top of the cat. but just to give you an idea)

2) It is important that the new version of our logo is similar to the old one in expression and form, meaning that it will be valued that the new logo version has the same curves and forms as the old one. That the new version of the logo is recognizable is of great importance!

3) The new version of our logo should also be simplified as that the old logo has too many small details that aren’t good for printing and using the logo in smaller sizes (e.g. on letterheads ).

To summarize what we need in the new version of the logo:

1) Same cat seen from the front (maybe reuse elements from the old logo? See document 2 for example)
2) Same expression and form as the old logo version
3) Simplified version without too many small details so it’s good for printing, webdesign etc. (should work well in all sizes)

It’s fine if you create the new logo version in the same color as the old version.

Looking forward to hearing back from you 🙂

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