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Professional Website Design for a Marketing Startup

  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Job Duration1 week or less
  • Project LevelEntry
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Project detail

Before responding to this brief, please familiarise yourselves with www.showbiz.com.au and www.todaytix.com.au

Ideally we would like the site to be very similar to showbiz.com.au however we would like to play with a potential twist of a ‘dark’ theme or ‘night mode’ style.

Each live event will be submitted with specific asset sizes to be displayed on the homepage. The colour palette for our logo is dark red, black and white. And we would like this pallet to be the underlying colour palette of the site.

Page 1 – Homepage (Header, Body, Footer):
Header – Possibly Black, Red or White with Company logo, Search bar, Browse, Location change (5 locations), Sign Up/Login (must be integrated with mail chimp database and allow facebook login)-

Footer identical across all pages on the site

Body 1 – Three column x 1 row: Identical sized blocks (Event image, Show title, short text, Call to action, Book Now Button)

Body 2 – 2 Columns x 2 rows (1 larger block on the left column (2 column x 2 rows) with event image, show title, short text, Call to action, Book Now Button) 2 smaller blocks with same information as Body 1 (1 column x 1 row)

Body 3 – Identical to Body 2 but with the larger block on the right side.

Footer – Four columns:
Column 1: Company – About Us
Column 2: Info – FAQ, Privacy Policy, Anti-scalping, APP (coming soon)
Column 3: Advertise, Contact Us
Column 4: Sign up to our newsletter capture form (email address, location) or sign up with Facebook + location) and download Android APP/iOS APP (coming soon)

Page 2 – Event Page (Header (sticky), Large event Image carousel, Event Information (Ticket Seller, Location, Venues, Dates, Prices, Event information, Reviews, Video or Carousel (images of show), Footer) – we must be able to duplicate this page for an unlimited number of events from main page.

Page 3: Header (sticky), Sign up Form (accessed from prompt in header – email address, location) or sign up with Facebook + location) , Footer

Page 4: Header (sticky), Login form/ not yet a member subscribe form, Footer

Page 5 (Template page for FAQ, Advertise with us, Privacy Policy, Anti-Scalping, Contact Us, About Us, APP (coming soon)) – Header (sticky), Body (text info) and Footer

The design we are going for is professional, clean, simple (like apple), dark mode is appearance. It is imperative that WE are able to update the blocks as new live events come available and we are able to delete and move around old events. Our web expertise is limited to elementor for WordPress. We need something we are able to edit ourselves and are open to discussion of what you can come up with. We can not find any WordPress/elementor themes that mimic exactly what we want the page to do but are open to your suggestions.

Functionality: Currently the site will operate by redirecting the visitor to an external booking platform (identical to showbiz.com.au please familiarise yourself with this site)

The faster the turn around for this project the better. The key features we are looking for in a freelancer is someone who is reliable, English spoken and professional. It is paramount that the website is compatible with WORDPRESS and that we are able to edit the LIVE events as the shows change.

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