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WordPress is a prolific platform, but sometimes, it can drive us a little crazy. While it’s incredibly user-friendly in general, everyone has dealt with their share of WordPress errors. Not fun.

Hi, I am a full-stack web professional with expertise in HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive Web Design. I offer 1 hour of design customization / updates / fixes / tweaks / revisions / maintenance in this service. I and my team are experts in WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix platforms.

With this service I am offering, this is what you’ll get:

✔ Updating Website Content and Images
✔ New Development (Anything include functionalities)
✔ Layout modification of theme
✔ Customization of theme to add or remove any feature or section
✔ Add page or Blog Post
✔ Color customization of your website
✔ Plugin Installation and configuration
✔ WordPress Gallery implementation using free plugins
✔ Adding contact forms in WordPress
✔ Adding google analytics code on your HTML/WordPress site
✔ Landing page creation
✔ Adding newsletter signup form from Aweber or Mailchimp
✔ Email creation & linking
✔ Remove spam/unwanted comments
✔ Delete old posts / articles
✔Upload or remove images provided by you into WordPress media files.
✔ Improving website speed
✔Hosting & Domain setup and problem solving
✔ SEO optimization / Speed Optimization / GDPR Compliance

We work with people that are looking for results, people that see value in craftsmanship and quality. People that want the best and want to work with the best. We don’t need special care and watering. Our clients are usually looking for someone who can jump in and start working a project without spending days in meetings.

Our WordPress Website Development service gives you a simple, quick and secure way of getting your dream website completed with BEST of quality without breaking your bank 🙂

PS: We don’t create Porn, Gambling or Alcoholic Websites. For restaurants serving Alcohol we won’t add those in the menu on website. Hope you understand.

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