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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in use today. Many professionals, business owners, and content marketers use it to drive their websites and engage their customers and audiences.

Despite its popularity and success however, the WordPress platform isn’t infallible and will sometimes develop problems. This is because at its core, WordPress is built on human written code. No code is 100% perfect which means that from time to time, bugs, errors and malfunctions are certain to develop. While most WordPress bugs are not critical, it is important to address all bugs as early as possible to prevent them from developing into serious problems that can take down your WordPress website.

If you are experiencing bugs with your WordPress website, we can help you. Whatever the nature of your issue, our expert developers can resolve it quickly, permanently and cost-effectively. We deal with all types of WordPress bugs ranging from theme related glitches, plugin compatibility issues, slow load times, page layout bugs, 403 errors and any other issue that stops your WordPress website from functioning smoothly.

 Some of the most common WordPress bugs we fix for our clients include:

  • Slow loading website:
    This problem often affects neglected WordPress websites that aren’t routinely maintained. Website speed has a direct effect on growth and profitability. Our developers will perform a comprehensive analysis of the website and use advanced strategies to significantly improve website speed and performance.
  • Internal server error:
    Almost every WordPress website will encounter this problem at least once. The “500 Internal Server Error” message appears when there’s a problem, but the server cannot pinpoint the cause. We will conduct tests on plugins, .htaccess files, PHP memory limits etc., to fix the problem.
  • Error establishing database connection:
    Whenever this error develops it means that the website is unable to connect to the database. Our experts will examine the relevant files to determine the cause and fix it.
  • Malware infection:
    Although this problem isn’t as widespread as most people assume; if you are not using the latest security measures, you risk becoming infected. Whenever this happens it’s important to deal with the problem as soon as possible. We’ll not only scan the entire website and remove corrupted files, we’ll also put in security systems in place to eliminate the possibility of future infection.
  • White screen of death:
    This problem is almost always caused by plugin problems, PHP code errors, poorly coded theme or memory limit exhaustion. To fix this bug we disable everything and then systematically activate the different functions individually to determine the cause of the problem and fix it.
    These are just a few of the hundreds of WordPress bugs and malfunctions we fix as a part of our support and repair services. In addition to fixing known issues, we’ll run full diagnostics to make sure we detect and fix the hidden WordPress bugs that our clients may not even be aware of.
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