Service Detail


We are experts in Website Customization such as WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify..

We would provide 1-hour support for Website maintenance, update or customization, theme upload and modification, or adjustments.

Theme Or Module installation and integration.

It could be:

1. Theme Customization as per your business requirement
2. Plugin Installation, setup, and configuration
3. Security Issues, fixes, and Updates
4. Integration of quotation or contact system into your websites
5. Integration of eCommerce, Payment gateway or Custom Shipping into your websites
6. Integration of Google analytics and Web master tool into your website
7. Integration of Schema.org Coding into your website
8. Integration of Live chat feature into your website
9. Integration of newsletter signup form from Mailchimp into your website
10. Website Bug or Error Fixed.

We work with people that are looking for results, people that see value in craftsmanship and quality. People that want the best and want to work with the best. We don’t need special care and watering. Our clients are usually looking for someone who can jump in and start working a project without spending days in meetings.

Our WordPress Website Development service gives you a simple, quick and secure way of getting your dream website completed with BEST of quality without breaking your bank 🙂

PS: We don’t create Porn, Gambling or Alcoholic Websites. For restaurants serving Alcohol we won’t add those in the menu on website. Hope you understand.

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