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Methods is the leading digital transformation partner for the UK public sector. We care deeply about making our public services better and have been doing this for 25 years.

Methods partners with a range of central government departments and agencies to transform the way public sector operates in the UK. Our mission is to help safeguard public-facing services and apply digital thinking to make sure the future of our public services is centred around citizens.

Committed to having social impact, we enjoy an enviable track record of delivering real savings and benefits. We do this by helping you move from vertically integrated legacy infrastructure to a platform business model – allowing you to keep infrastructure costs low and focus on doing what you do best i.e. delivering front-end services.

With Methods, you access a range of specialist skills and industry expertise to transform your organisation for the digital age, break free of expensive suppliers, and take control of your customer relationships and operating model.

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  • Project costCost $200.00

The need is to design and create in partnership, with ourselves, a website for an IT services company based in the south east of England.…

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